“How-To” Presentations

Linda L. Zern

What I Wish I’d Known When I Began Writing

a/k/a Writing for Dummies

April 20, 2024 Meeting

By: Jay Heavner

Jay Heavner has been a Space Coast Writers Guild member for 15 years! in that time, he has written over 16 books, some of which take place in West Virginia and some right here on Florida’s Space Coast.

On April 20, 2024, Jay gave a superb presentation on what he would like to have known as a budding writer. Jay’s “liner notes” are posted right here, with links to some extremely successful writers.

Linda L. Zern

Manuscript to Movement:

How to Brand & Market Your Book

March 16, 2024 Meeting

By: Sondee Lima

Sondee Lima is a Bilingual Business Coach at weVenture, a FIT non-profit dedicated to igniting the economic power of women entrepreneurs (although they also service male clients as long as their client base remains 70% female). They strive to be the leading regional voice and resource for all women in business, offering support and programming, free of charge, for every stage of a business’s life span and leadership development for emerging female leaders. A PDF of her presentation is available via the button below. You can access the Audience Research Worksheet, Brand Development Exercise Handout, and Exercises to Identify Your Book at these links.

Linda L. Zern

The Art of Writing

September, 2022 Meeting

By: Linda Zern

Writing a good book, whether it be a novel, novella, or anything else, is part art and science. At the Guild’s September 2022 meeting, long-time Guild member Linda Zern, in a style that only she can present, gave us the art and science of writing in a comprehensive, easy to learn lesson.

So You Want to Write Romance

June, 2022 Meeting

By: Joanne Fisher

Romance novels are among the most popular types of fiction, and it’s not hard to see why. Don’t we all love a good love story? There’s something reliable about a good romance novel. Since romance novels tend to be marketed toward women, and the plots skew emotional rather than action-oriented, there is still stigma around the genre. But there shouldn’t be!

On April 16, 2022 Kerry Evelyn presented Binge-Write Your Novel in 5 Steps. She was gracious enough to provide a link to her presentation materials. Click Here.

Crafting Memorable Dialogue

February, 2022 Meeting

By: Joni M. Fisher

She writes the kind of suspenseful crime stories she loves to read.
Her Compass Crimes series has garnered attention in Publisher’s
Weekly and the US Review. Her works have won or finaled in the
National Indie Excellence Awards, the Clue Book Awards, the Kindle
Book Awards, the Royal Palm Literary Awards, and the Next
Generation Indie Book Awards, and others. She serves on the Arts
and Humanities Advisory Board for Southeastern University and is a
member of the Florida Writers Association and Sisters in Crime. For
more information, see

Managing Your Characters

January, 2022 Meeting

By: Malcom Massey

You’re writing the Great American Book Series! It’s a superb set of books! But! How do you beat all these characters into submission?

Enter one of our newest members, Malcom Massey and his most popular class, Managing Your Characters Over The Course of a Series. Malcom presented this at the January 15, 2022 meeting and has made it available for us to post here.

How to Create a Meme Without Spending a Dime

By: Joanne Fisher

At the July 17, 2021 meeting, Joanne Fisher presented a how-to on creating social media memes for free, including a short workshop. Here is a PDF of her presentation.

Book Marketing Made Easy

May 2021 SCWG Meeting Program
By: Arielle Haughee

Who would be most interested in reading my book?

Who would be most likely to buy my book?

Being a Screenwriter

June 2021 Meeting Prep

This month’s speaker, Jaimie Engle, will show authors what it means to be a screenwriter: the different parts of a script, how to transition your style from books to film, and the script lengths for shows and films. Plus, so much more!

Marketing 101 for Authors

How to Sell More Books

Marissa LaRocca presented Marketing 101 for Author: How to Sell More Books. This was livestreamed by Ms. LaRocca.

How to Publish Your eBook on Amazon KDP

By: Joanne Fisher

The February 2020 presentation by our president, Joanne Fisher, is How to Publish Your eBook on Amazon KDP. Follow along during the livestream or refer to it later.

Links to Free and Open-Source Software

By: Anthony Stevens’

Who Wants My Data?

By: Dan Fisher

Who wants to get my data? And why does it matter? I’m a nobody!

The Bounce Back Kid

By: Valerie Allen

Most of you know me as a writer of fiction, nonfiction, short stories, and children’s books. Some of you may know that I have a “day job” as a psychologist.  In an effort to use both of my skills, I’ve attached some information which I hope you will find informative and helpful as we continue in these difficult times.  My hope is that you are all safe and well ~ Valerie Allen

Get Into Barnes & Noble & SUCCEED!

By: Jaimie Engle

There are somewhere between 600,000 and 1,000,000 books published every year in the US alone, depending on which stats you believe. Many of those – perhaps as many as half or even more – are self-published. On average, they sell less than 250 copies each. (

Elements of Planning, Writing & Editing

By: Jaimie Engle

  • Part 1:  Pre-Writing
  • Part 2:  Basic Writing
  • Part 3:  Revise and Edit

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April 2021 Meeting

Business Meeting

July 2020 Meeting



September 2023 Meeting

On September 16, 2023 SCWG had their meeting. At this meeting, among other business, Vice President & Webmaster Dan Fisher gave a primer on artificial intelligence, titled What About AI? Dan utilized AI in the preparation of this program.

May 2021 Meeting

This was the Guild’s Annual Meeting. There were no offices to be filled, and nothing else to be voted on. SCWG President Joanne Fisher announced the winners of the Short Story Contest. The First Place winner, Sheila Gillis read her story, Little Gains to the group. There also was a Q & A session, which is also posted.

November 2020 Presentation

Author Anthony Stevens addressed the Space Coast Writers Guild at its Saturday, November 21, 2020 meeting. He spoke on Free and Open-Source Software. Enjoy! Oh, and make sure you visit his Blog.

August 15, 2020 Meeting Zoom Livestream

Video of our August, 2020 meeting, livestreamed on Zoom. Includes Cindy Foley announcing the winners of the SCWG Short Story Contest and reading excerpts from the winning stories; Ashley McGrath talking about the 2020 Don Argo Award; and Joanne Fisher closing out the meeting.


Over the years, Joanne and Dan have developed some specialized skills to aid in publishing and marketing your books. Please feel free to contact us to help you get yourself noticed.

Editing Services

Writing-related Services
Laura McCormick, Owner

Laura is offering editing services to all members. She is a freelancer with over 25 years’ experience in technical writing, résumés that get interviews, and editing many types of written work (except poetry). Her attention to detail benefits new writers as well as published authors.

Cynthia Hall: Changing the World One Word at a Time ™

MacRed Designs

Robin from MacRed Designs is Joanne’s webmaster, having designed her website and currently maintaining it. Robin also designed and produced almost all of Joanne’s book covers, along with those of SCWG anthologies Survival and Change. Please feel free to visit MacRed Designs.

Does Your Book Have What it Takes?

By Jaimie Engle

Jaimie has expanded her expertise to include transforming books into movie screenplays, and she is ready to put her knowledge to work for you. Simply go to to book your consultation.

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Writing & Publishing Consultation & Services

Services include Layout, Editing, Publishing, Book Trailers, Writing, Writing Coach, Ghost Writing, Ebook Conversion.


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