Joanne Fisher

    This thrilling suspense novel is merciless, twisted, but absolutely gripping—with a riveting ending that will bowl you over!

    Joanne Fisher is a Canadian-Italian-American author with a total of 7 books: 3 steamy romances; 1 historical fiction, including her latest; 1 travel guide; 1 anthology; and her latest, The Devil of St. Gabriel, her 1st murder mystery. In addition, she has written 4 short stories for various Space Coast Writers’ Guild Anthologies, and in April 2019, she was elected President of the Space Coast Writers’ Guild. She lives in central Florida with her hubby Dan, and dachshunds Wally and Madison.


Scott Tilley

   This is the 12th edition of the best-selling textbook in the field for college and university students. It's part of the successful Shelly Cashman series.

   Scott Tilley is the president and founder of the Center for Technology and Society, a professor at  Florida Institute of Technology, where he is the  Director of the Systems Evolution Lab, president of the Big Data Florida user group, and a Space Coast Writers' Guild Fellow. His recent books include Systems Analysis and Design and Making Technology Work for You.


D. Scott Dickinson

    A stunning visual journey back through time. Across a distant world where nothing is what it seems. Paradox Moon is a cautionary tale of one planet's retribution against the civilization that nearly destroyed it. Of a world that turned inward to preserve itself and the wellspring of life it harbored And of survival, rebirth and renewal. 

    David Dickinson is a retired NASA Public Affairs manager at Kennedy Space Center. Starting as a copy boy in the newsroom of U.S. News and World Report magazine, he went on to become a reporter and editor, Peace Corps personnel director and university research fellow.