D. Scott Dickinson


    D. Scott Dickinson is a retired NASA Public Affairs manager at Kennedy Space Center. Starting as a copy boy in the newsroom of U.S. News and World Report, he went on to become a reporter and editor, Peace Corps personnel director and university research fellow. His published works include:

  • The Little Box Turtle (a children's book)
  • The Dark Side of Town: A Portrait of the Jim Crow South
  • Paradox Moon (first in the Regenesis trilogy)
  • Lunar Antipodes: The Far Ends of the World (second in the Regenesis trilogy)
  • The final book in the Regenesis trilogy is due out soon
  • The Janus-Faced Queen
  • World Beneath Our Feet
  •  The Orbuculum's Riddle (in Dreams, a Space Coast Writers' Guild Anthology)
  • The  Bromeliad Passage

Violet Favero

SCWG Author Violet Favero

Violet Favero is known as the Greek grandmother character, Silly Yaya, in many of her  children’s picture books about family, fun and traditions. When she’s not visiting school or libraries getting kids excited about reading, you can probably find her in the kitchen.

Violet’s third book, Unkie Munkie Lives at The Zoo, was named Amazon’s #1 New Release in its genre. It followed her first two books that are international sellers, Silly Yaya and Sunday Dinner at Silly Yaya’s. Her first early chapter book, Gracie’s RV Mis-Adventure,

a series about a dramatic dog, was also named Amazon’s #1 New Release. Her newest book, Pete Comes To America, was named Amazon’s #1 New Release in four categories. Violet is the author of numerous journals and companion coloring books under the

imprint of Meadow Road Books.

Violet is passionate that we are raising readers, one book at a time. She is a frequent visitor to schools and libraries and has read to thousands of students to get them excited about reading and to use their critical thinking skills. She is a frequent guest on podcasts, radio shows, and panels promoting reading. She travels with her husband and two dogs in their RV doing book signings and appearances. Find out more about Violet on her website SillyYaya.com.

Joanne Fisher


Joanne is a Canadian-Italian-American author who has penned eight books. Additionally, she has written four short stories for Space Coast Writers' Guild anthologies. In April, 2019 Joanne was elected President of Space Coast Writers' Guild. She lives on the Space Coast of Florida with her adoring husband Dan, and her two Dachshunds, Wally and Madison. Her books include:

  • With All of Me
  • With All of Me II
  • Her Spanish Doll
  • Good Things Always Happen in Springtime
  • Traveling Boomers First Stop: Italy
  • Baker's Dozen Anthology
  • The Devil of St. Gabriel
  • Christmas in Venice
  • Magnolia Blossom (coming Spring 2020)

Cindy Foley

Cindy Foley Photograph

 Cindy has published 6 books, including fiction and poetry with painting and photography. Cindy just finished her term as the Guild president and has served as treasurer and director. She is a past winner of the Don Argo Award and is a contributor to the anthologies. Cindy also is a musician and gardener. Her repertoire of published books includes:

  • The Truth Lies...: A Florida Saga (2016 winner of the Argo Award)
  • I Clawed-Book One: The Renewal
  • I Clawed-Book Two: Dog Days 
  • Water Drops
  • Chase A Dream Today
  • From Heaven or Homeless?

Terri Friedlander


     Terri Friedlander, a native New Yorker, has held several notable job titles including writer, college professor, teacher, freelance journalist, and MIS Director of a global law firm. She created an original column that appears in print in Florida Today and online about education in today’s world entitled In Front of the Classroom.

    Her latest venture is a series of two new children’s books, The Adventures of Percy the Siberian Cat and No More Bullying. Terri has also authored three novels: The Dorm, Chasing Her Destiny, and Work Hard Play Hard.

Jay Heavner


 Jay Heavner is an award-winning author of seven books, four in the Braddock's Gold Mystery series, and three in the Florida Murder Mystery Novel series. Mr. Heavner has always been a storyteller. It used to get him in trouble when he was young, but now people keep asking him for another. Recently retired, he spends his time between homes in the beautiful West Virginia hills and the flatlands of Florida. Jay's books include:

  • Murder at the Indian River
  • Murder at the Canaveral Diner
  • Death at Windover
  • Killing Darkness
  • Hunter's Moon
  • Fool's Wisdom
  • Braddock's Gold

You can sign up for Jay's newsletter or leave comments at jay@jayheavner.com

Gene Luke


Gene Luke Vlahovic is of Serbian origin. Born and raised in the former country of Yugoslavia, he acquired his love of literature from reading European Classics at an early age. At fourteen, his first short story was published by his hometown magazine, and at nineteen, several of his poems were published by the University Press and the Literary Magazine for Young Poets. Gene Luke lives in Florida and continues to write and publish stories in his second language. He is a member of the Space Coast Prolific Authors, the Space Coast Writers Guild, the Florida Writers Association, and the Brevard Authors Society. You may contact him at brevardauthorssociety@gmail.com. Gene Luke's works include:

  • Pilgrim of Fate: The Holy Trail of Brother Samuilo
  • The Artisan (now available in audio format)

Mark Lyons

Mike Lyons


 Mark is the 2019 winner of the prestigious Don Argo Award. Mark did not begin writing novels very early in his life, but since he began a few years ago he has completed three, with a fourth well underway. So far all of his stories involve big crimes perpetrated in Florida. These stories of fiction contain much more than purely crime elements. All are seen through the eyes of Mike Lyman, a nurse, and so have medical factors that are key in the stories.

      For over 45 years, Mark worked as a nurse when not working on his farm in Minnesota. He was the only man in his nursing school graduating class, and he  always said he didn’t even meet another male nurse for the first ten years of his practice.

     His biggest heroes have  always been those who work toward the same end. Mark currently works in an assisted living facility.

Ashley McGrath


UnabASHed by Disability

UnabASHed by Disability is the autobiography of a girl who learned how to live with her handicaps, overcome obstacles, and achieve goals. It is a story of hope and encouragement for both the able-bodied and those with disabilities.

Ashley's writing has been included in other anthologies and local publications. She is the Don Argo Award coordinator and a former Space Coast Writers’ Guild board member. She is active at her church in Palm Bay, Florida.

Zeenat Mian


In August 2011, Zeenat Mian went to a beach on the east side of Oahu to see a Hawaiian monk seal pup. She had never seen one, and was very curious. When she saw that incredibly active, little black seal and her very doting mum, Zeenat fell in love! This was Ka'iwi.

After that, she decided to follow the critically endangered Hawaiian monk seal population in Hawaii, more specifically on the island of Oahu. Zeenat has logged more than 16,000 hours observing and taking footage of the behavior of the Hawaiian monk seal and her pup.

Ka'iwi the Hawaiian Monk Seal: Get to know me is a short story targeted toward children and narrated by the main character, a young female Hawaiian monk seal called Ka’iwi. Born on August 11, 2011, and a very popular seal with the locals, Ka’iwi belongs to a critically-endangered species of seals. Using real life photos in a simple manner, Zeenat explains the Hawaiian monk seal's main habits and outlines a few simple steps we all can take to help protect this fragile marine mammal.

Nicholas Taylor


Nicholas Taylor, author of The Long Game, is a graduate of the University of Missouri and The George Washington University. He has worked in Aerospace, Military Contracting, and Academia. He has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East for work and pleasure. He is currently retired and lives with his wife beachside in Florida.

Scott Tilley


Scott Tilley is the president and founder of the Center for Technology and Society, a professor at  Florida Institute of Technology, where he is the  Director of the Systems Evolution Lab, president of the Big Data Florida user group, and a Space Coast Writers' Guild Fellow. His books include:

  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Making Technology Work for You
  • Technical Justice
  • Surreal Technology
  • Technology 2010-2011
  • Make Technology Great Again
  • Software Testing in the Cloud: Migration and Execution
  • Hacktivists Anonymous (Technology Today Book 5)
  • Testing iOS Apps with HadoopUnit: Rapid Distributed GUI Testing
  • and many others.