Welcome to SCWG

Welcome to the Space Coast Writers' Guild, Inc., dedicated to encouraging, instructing, and developing writers of all genres. If this is your first visit, please take a moment to explore all we have to offer.

what is the space coast writers' guild?

We're all about writers and writing

Transforming wishes into reality and ideas into words, we offer a variety of programs and speakers at our monthly meetings, .


You'll have an opportunity to work with others who are dealing with deadlines, characters who won't cooperate, rejections, re-writes, contract dilemmas, unresponsive editors, and agent searches.  

Something for everyone

Whether you have published for years and in several different languages, or are pre-published and hoping, the Guild has something for you!




The Guild meets on the third Saturday of each month at 1 PM at the Garrett's Run Condo Association Clubhouse, 7900 Greenboro Drive in West Melbourne (directions).

Meetings begin with a brief business meeting, including announcements, welcome of new members, introduction of the Board members, and treasurer's report. A presentation of some aspect of writing, by our monthly speaker, follows.

Afterwards, there is a time for socializing and book signings. Snacks are always provided.


Next Meeting August 17, 2019

Guest Speakers: Jennifer East and Mary Brotherton

Jennifer East, PEACECORE’s Vice President and creative director, creates and oversees all the organization’s visuals. From logos and merchandise to videos, magazine layout and all social media posts, she uses her own artistic skills, and calls upon her four millennial children to keep the face of the organization relevant and fresh.

Mary Brotherton is the president of PEACECORE. She scouts for phenomenal stories, interviews amazing humans and mentors, writers, and editors, when she’s not working on her own novels, short stories, and scripts. The editor-in-chief at bUneke Magazine is also the president of the nonprofit PEACECORE and manages the bUneke UnScripted podcast.

PEACECORE is an acronym that starts with philanthropy and ends with enthusiasm. What comes in between is magical. PEACECORE is a 501c3 educational organization that uses tools like the quarterly, nonprofit publication, bUneke Magazine (be unique), the weekly webisode, Coffee or Tea? No Phones Allowed! and bUneke UnScripted, a podcast that airs live every first and third Thursday, with special options available on other dates. The organization acts very much like a traditional media outlet, providing coverage and timely stories, but it goes much deeper by promoting other nonprofits and providing unique educational options around the world.

Since its founding in March 2018, bUneke has attracted more than 50 writers who volunteer their time and talent to write from 17 different countries. Almost as many from the Orlando area are involved in the weekly webisode.