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Randal J. Agostini


Randal Agostini is a former airline pilot and general aviation executive who flew in the Caribbean and South Florida. He is the author of four books, including the original Caribbean Flite Guide, first published in 1973, and two others relating to twenty-five years of his flying exploits in the Caribbean.

Following a further career in Real Estate, Randal retired to Florida where he lives with his wife Elizabeth, close to his children and grandchildren. He has published essays in Catholic Lane. When he is not writing is a volunteer for his local parish.

Visit Randal at the FLORIDA HISTORICAL SOCIETY or on his AMAZON page.

Thomas Belisle


Thomas Belisle leverages his extensive career in the military and aircraft industry to build stories of suspense, action, and intrigue. He has hands-on experience with a wide range of aircraft, weapons and explosives, and feet-on-the-ground time in the Middle East, Europe, the Far East, and Asia. His first novel, Raptor Bloom, was published in April 2020. His second novel, Taking the Dream Spinner, will be ready for release in early summer 2021. He lives with his wife Cathy in Florida. Visit Thomas’ WEBSITE or AMAZON PAGE.

Sylvia Bigit Photo

Sylvia Bigit


Sylvia Bigit’s latest book, The Friar Cave Mysteries, is an action-adventure murder mystery that takes place on a paradise island off the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. Her first book, Escape From Tyranny: Through a Child’s Eyes, is a memoir of her early childhood living in communist Yugoslavia. She has also written numerous business articles, press releases, Wikipedia pages, technical software manuals, and other business-related documents.

Sylvia has a passion for world culture and has traveled extensively to many parts of the world for both business and pleasure. She now lives in the Sunshine State, Florida. Please visit Sylvia’s AMAZON PAGE.

Sylvia Bigit Photo

Jessica Broyles


Jessica completed and published her first novel, The Nested Charmer, A Matryoshka’s Hidden Legacy on Amazon in November 2020. The story weaves romance, mystery, intrigue, and a little bit of magic within the pages. A sequel is in the works and will come out next year. Two of her latest short stories are included in the recently published SCWG Mischief anthology. Jessica placed third in the short story competition with, Little Petey. Her other story is called Little Foot. Visit Jessica’s WEBSITE.

D. Scott Dickinson


Scott Dickinson is a retired NASA Public Affairs manager at Kennedy Space Center. Starting as a copy boy in the newsroom of U.S. News and World Report, he went on to become a reporter and editor, Peace Corps personnel director and university research fellow.  Visit Scott’s AMAZON PAGE

Carol Ann Didier


Life Member

Carol Ann Didier’s passion is the American West and its first Americans. In high school, all her book reports and term papers were about our westward expansion. As an adult she was fortunate enough to visit some of the places she had researched which only fueled her love for Native American lore and caused her to write the book of her heart, APACHE WARRIOR. She has been writing historical romances for 10 years. Her stories are about the taboo love between a Native American male and a white woman in Southwest America in the 1800’s. Visit Carol’s WEBSITE.

Ernie Dorling


Ernie Dorling spent six years on active duty in the Marine Corps and 27-years in law enforcement, both at the local and federal level.  He also taught criminology for 16 years at the University of New Haven, in Connecticut.

Ernie is also the author of Murder: A Family Affair, and has appeared on numerous local television and radio shows, along with making two appearances on national television’s Discovery ID.  He is also the author of Criminal Investigation, a Practitioner’s Approach, published by Kendall Hunt Publishing.  Ernie lives in Melbourne, FL with his wife, Linda.

Gordon England


Gordon principally writes short story memoirs about outdoor adventures: fishing, hunting, and exploring the tropics. His adventures often take place on Boat Tales, his 21-foot Aquasport walkabout.

In August 2021, Gordon published Death on the Stairs – True Stories of Florida Adventures and Big Fish, followed in September 2021 by Too High on a Motorcycle – Memories of Growing Up in Texas. This collection of 20 short stories relives his early years in Texas from youth through his teen years as a wrestler, acrobat, and motorcycle racer. Bumbling his way through narrow escapes, he survived to tell entertaining stories. Please visit Gordon on his FACEBOOK page or on AMAZON.

Violet Favero


Violet Favero is known as the Greek grandmother character, Silly Yaya, in many of her children’s picture books about family, fun and traditions. When she’s not visiting school or libraries getting kids excited about reading, you can probably find her in the kitchen. She is a frequent guest on podcasts, radio shows, and panels promoting reading. She travels with her husband and two dogs in their RV doing book signings and appearances. Find out more about Violet on her WEBSITE.

Joanne Fisher

Novelist, Poet

Joanne is a Canadian-Italian-American author who has penned thirteen books. Additionally, she has written four short stories for Space Coast Writers’ Guild anthologies. In April, 2019 Joanne was elected President of Space Coast Writers’ Guild. She lives on the Space Coast of Florida with her adoring husband Dan, and her two Dachshunds, Wally and Madison. Visit Joanne’s WEBSITE.

Cindy Foley

Novelist, Poet

Life Member

Cindy has published 6 books, including fiction and poetry with painting and photography. Cindy just finished her term as the Guild president and has served as treasurer and director. She is a past winner of the Don Argo Award and is a contributor to the anthologies. Cindy also is a musician and gardener. Visit Cindy’s AMAZON PAGE.

Terri Friedlander


Terri Friedlander, a native New Yorker, has held several notable job titles including writer, college professor, teacher, freelance journalist, and MIS Director of a global law firm. She created an original column that appears in print in Florida Today and online about education in today’s world entitled In Front of the Classroom.  Find Terri on AMAZON.

Jay Heavner


Jay Heavner is an award-winning author of nine books, four in the Braddock’s Gold Mystery series, and five in the Florida Murder Mystery Novel series. Mr. Heavner has always been a storyteller. It used to get him in trouble when he was young, but now people keep asking him for another. Recently retired, he spends his time between homes in the beautiful West Virginia hills and the flatlands of Florida. You can sign up for Jay’s newsletter or leave comments at jay@jayheavner.com.  Visit Jay on AMAZON.

Betty Whitaker Jackson

Novelist, Poet

Betty Whitaker Jackson writes fiction, memoir, poetry, nonfiction, devotional guides, and anthology pieces. Although she has written for years, retirement from a forty-year career as a secondary language arts teacher has given her the required time to devote to her craft. She has won First Place in the Reader’s Digest Life Rich Memoir Writing Contest, and has published with WestBow Press, Life Rich Publishing, and CreateSpace. She resides in Palm Bay, Florida after living in New York, New Jersey, and Iowa. Visit Betty’s WEBSITE.

Nicholas Kaplan


Nicholas Kaplan, a first-time author, has published several short stories on life events and politics. Now retired, he has written articles and essays for the Brevard Scribblers anthology Driftwood, is a member of The Space Coast Writers Guild, contributed to the anthology PANDEMIC, and has a self-published novel under the nom de plume of Nicholas Taylor titled The Long Game. It is a story of intelligence, espionage, and government corruption. Available on AMAZON.

T.W. “Thom” Lofgren


T.W. Lofgren’s career began as a photographer, passing through a period in construction trades and as a claims adjuster for a major company. His creative writing developed from a challenge set down by his daughter—to explore a talent first discovered in a college creative writing course. His writing style blends satire, reality, and fantasy to make a poignant commentary on today’s critical issues. Visit T.W.’s AMAZON PAGE.

Mark Lyons


Mark Lyons is the 2019 winner of the prestigious Don Argo Award. Mark did not begin writing novels very early in his life, but since he began a few years ago he has completed three, with a fourth well underway. So far all of his stories involve big crimes perpetrated in Florida. These stories of fiction contain much more than purely crime elements. All are seen through the eyes of Mike Lyman, a nurse, and so have medical factors that are key in the stories. Visit Mark’s AMAZON PAGE.

Richard Marschall

Novelist, Poet

Richard has a Bachelors of Science degree from Towson University, with post graduate work at WIU. His short stories and poetry have been published in numerous anthologies, including the Space Coast Writer’s Guild in Florida, Scribblers of Brevard Anthologies, Poetry Soup, and Eber & Wein. Richard served as Literary Editor of the Scribblers in 2018 and 2019, and as their president during the first part of 2020. Richard has published First Call – Poetry for the Ages, Quarrytown, Justice Unbound – Gehenna, Blessed – The Story of Joyce V. Marschall, and The Magic of Christmas Anthology. Visit Richard’s new and revised website, floridapen.com.

Malcom Massey


Malcom Massey primarily writes The Martin Culver Series, a collection of action thrillers based on Mr. Massey’s experiences living in Central and South America, as well as his interests in history, archaeology and travel.

Malcom grew up devouring stories of ancient cultures and lost treasures from around the world. Raised in Virginia, Malcom has lived in Costa Rica and Bolivia, and has traveled throughout South America and the Caribbean, including Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, and the main Islands. After living and writing for 16 months in the Yucatan Peninsula, Malcom returned to the United States, where he still lives and writes near the Florida coast.

Visit Malcom on Amazon, or his website.

Richard Maule


Rick writes historical fiction. His first novel, Moonlight Helmsman, highlights the true story of Robert Smalls, a slave who masterminded a conspiracy to steal the Confederate flagship in 1862. The book earned critical praise and 12 national awards. It was honored in the Smithsonian and is presently being made into an Amazon Prime film, Steal Away. Rick’s second novel, The Witch’s Advocate, received 5 awards for literary nonfiction, including the Beverly Hills Book Award. Before moving south last year, Rick was a top-selling author in New England. Over $120,000 of the profits from his novels have been given to charity. Visit Rick’s Amazon page.

Ashley McGrath

Novelist, Poet

Life Member

Ashley McGrath is a quality analyst for a call monitoring company. A University of Central Florida alumna, Ashley published her autobiography UnabASHed by Disability (available on Amazon) in 2014. Her writing has appeared in online columns, a disability blog, local publications, and several anthologies. Ashley is a Lifetime Member of the Space Coast Writers’ Guild and the coordinator of its Don Argo Award. She lives in Palm Bay, where she is active at her church. Find Ashley on AMAZON.

Peter Messmore

Dr. Peter Messmore is a retired professor who taught Literacy at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton for over 33 years, retiring in 2004. Earlier in his life, Peter spent four years in the U.S. Air Force Security Service, where he served as a Morse Code Intercept Operator, with a Top-Secret security clearance.

After retiring from education, he moved to Florida’s Space Coast where he lives with his wife on Merritt Island. He enjoys international travel, photography, and teaching.

Dr. Messmore has written 10 novels that are read in the United States, the UK, France, Germany, Australia, and Japan.

Please visit his website at https://www.drpetermessmore.com/

Peter’s Amazon page.


Zeenat Mian

In August 2011, Zeenat Mian went to a beach on the east side of Oahu to see a Hawaiian monk seal pup. She had never seen one, and was very curious. When she saw that incredibly active, little black seal and her very doting mum, Zeenat fell in love! This was Ka’iwi. After that, she decided to follow the critically endangered Hawaiian monk seal population in Hawaii, more specifically on the island of Oahu. Zeenat has logged more than 16,000 hours observing and taking footage of the behavior of the Hawaiian monk seal and her pup. Find Zeenat on AMAZON.

K. Turk Osman


K. Turk Osman currently lives in the mystical land of Florida, where tourists flock to get sunburned and part with their cash. Turk did his undergraduate studies at Wabash College, obtained a Master’s Degree at Drake University, and finished his coursework towards a Ph.D. at Florida Atlantic University. Turk is married to the lovely Robin and has one daughter, Maddy, who is the oldest soul he knows. His writing influences include Tom Robbins, Michael Crichton, and Richard Bach. Find Turk on FACEBOOK.

J.P. Osterman

Novelist, Poet

“Everything we do ripples through time”,  J.P. believes. We leave ourselves and what we do behind as footsteps in life. As a Science Fiction author and Researcher, J.P. Osterman focuses on space travel, the precarious laws that govern space-time, and issues relating to space travel, exploration, and colonization of Mars and exoplanets. J.P. most recently was a top finalist for the Patrick D. Smith award through the Brevard Library Foundation.  She has written ten novels, mostly science fiction.  Find J.P. on AMAZON.

Rose Padrick

Novelist, Poet

Rose draws upon her experiences as a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and great-great-grandmother as inspiration for her writing, but especially for her column Rose’s Room, which ran weekly in the Florida Today newspaper for three years. Also, having previously appeared monthly in the Hometown News-Forever Young magazine, Rose’s Room and On the Road with Rose now appear monthly in the Port Saint John Happenings newspaper. Find Rose’s Book on AMAZON or visit her WEBSITE.

K.J. Pierce


Thanks to her Army Brat upbringing, author K. J. Pierce has an insatiable curiosity for both the world at large and the people who inhabit it. She loves to travel but rarely does, so she combats her “itchy-feet” syndrome by rearranging the furniture. She loves heroines who are misfits and outcasts, and who are stronger than they think. Like many of her favorites, she’s prone to the occasional bout of melodrama and suffers from the not-so-occasional foot-in-mouth disease. She currently lives on Florida’s Space Coast with her cat Dorian Gray, who lives up to his name by striving to be the state’s most prolific lizard serial killer. Yours Truly is her first novel. Find J.P. on AMAZON.

Regina Kear Reid


Regina Kear Reid has traveled the world pursuing a career as a professional equestrian, freelance journalist, poet, and artist. During her equestrian career, Regina directed the Pace University (NY) Equine Studies program for fifteen years and coached the Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association team. Regina has trained young horses, competed in one-day events, ladies hunter-sidesaddle, played arena polo, and worked with Pony Clubs.

Her novel, Heels Down Hall, is a tribute to her intensive training at British Horse Society Riding Schools in the UK. Visit Regina’s Website.

Flora Reigada


As a writer/photographer team for Senior Life newspaper in Brevard County Florida, Flora Reigada and husband Dan are privileged to write about interesting people and places in their community.

Flora’s Castle in the Sun romantic-suspense book series (Miller Words) follows burgeoning romance, complicated by a threatening ex-husband. The story takes the reader from New York State’s pine-scented forests to the sun-kissed shores of Florida.

Her devotional book, Where Your Heart Meets God’s (Miller Words) discusses the many expressions of God’s voice and loving care, and how we may recognize them in our lives.

Visit Flora’s AMAZON PAGE or her WEBSITE.

Jack B. Rochester


As a grad student, Jack B. Rochester longed to see a book with his name on the cover. Today, he’s on 19 books and counting! He has co-authored two nonfiction bestsellers, The Naked Computer and Pirates of the Digital Millennium. In 2003, he co-founded Fictional Café, an online ‘zine for writers and artists with over 1,000 Coffee Club members in 74 countries. His most recent novel is Bridge Across the Ocean, an ode to bicycling, international relations and love. When not writing, reading Fictional Café submissions ,or bicycling, Jack mentors writers, editors, and others interested in a career in publishing.

Scott Tilley

Life Member

Scott Tilley is the president and founder of the Center for Technology and Society, a professor at Florida Institute of Technology, where he is the Director of the Systems Evolution Lab, president of the Big Data Florida user group, and a Space Coast Writers’ Guild Fellow.  Find Scott on AMAZON.

Scott Vander Ploeg

Scott D. Vander Ploeg, an early-retired professor of English/Humanities, was named Kentucky college Teacher-Of-The-Year in 2009. His 1993 doctorate is in British Renaissance Lyric Poetry, though his range of study is more eclectic. He recorded essays for a regional NPR affiliate for a decade, and later wrote a column about the arts and letters for a small-town newspaper. Scott is the former Executive Director of the Kentucky Philological Association, and a regular member of the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts. In his spare time Scott is an amateur thespian, a jazz drummer, and a Sifu in Tai Chi. Find Scott on his WEBSITE.

Gene Luke Vlahovic


Gene Luke Vlahovic is of Serbian origin. Born and raised in the former Yugoslavia, he acquired his love of literature from reading European Classics at an early age. At fourteen, his first short story was published by his hometown magazine, and at nineteen, several of his poems were published by University Press and the Literary Magazine for Young Poets. Gene Luke lives in Florida and continues to write and publish stories in his second language. He is a member of the Space Coast Prolific Authors, the Space Coast Writers Guild, and the the Florida Writers Association. You may contact him at brevardauthorssociety@gmail.com.  Visit Gene’s AMAZON PAGE.

Jennifer Ivy Walker


Enthralled with legends of medieval knights and ladies, dark fairy tales and fantasies about Druids, wizards and magic, Jennifer Ivy Walker always dreamed of becoming a writer. She fell in love with French in junior high school, continuing her study of the language throughout college, eventually becoming a high school teacher and college professor of French.

Her debut novel, The Wild Rose and the Sea Raven—the first of a trilogy-—is a blend of her love for medieval legends, the romantic French language, and paranormal fantasy. It is a retelling of the medieval French romance of Tristan et Yseult, interwoven with Arthurian myth, dark fairy tales from the enchanted Forest of Brocéliande, and otherworldly elements such as Avalonian Elves, Druids, forest fairies and magic.

Jennifer has received two 5-star reviews from Readers’ Choice Book Reviews and has a book trailer on her YouTube channel.

Visit Jennifer’s website at  https://jenniferivywalker.com/

Anne Marie Wolfe


Anne Marie Wolfe, a native of Trinidad, is a retired elementary educator who holds  a BS in Elementary Educationfrom UCF and a Masters from Nova Southeastern University. Anne Marie’s love of teaching children and reading to them inspired her to write children’s books. She and her husband Jerry, a retired space network engineer, have been married for 52 years. They have enjoyed living on the Space Coast for thirty six of those.  Anne Marie Has written two books, Santa Has Retired and  P… Jamming, and is currently working on several other books… soon to be released. Her motivation is to continue teaching children to be creative and to be successful citizens.

Visit Anne Marie’s WEBSITE.

Linda Zern


Linda Zern is the only person to have won the coveted Space Coast Writers’ Guild Don Argo Award twice! Her first award (2018) was for The Gryphon’s Glade. In October 2020 she won her second Argo Award for book 3 in the Strandline Series, Keeping the Strandline.  “Born in Florida, raised on sunshine and bug spray, I read every cereal box I could find and every book I could get my hands on, and when other people’s books ran out, I started writing my own. I write because there can never be too many good books or the people who love them.” Visit Linda’s WEBSITE.


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