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Roseangelina Baptista

Roseangelina Baptista is a Brazilian-American poet based in Central Florida. Along with Peggy Insula, Cindy Foley, and Christopher “Kit” Adams, Roseangelina is a prime moving force behind poetry at SCWG. She also is responsible for the Suminagashi artwork at the top of this page.

Roseangelina’s bilingual poems first appeared in the Joao Roque Literary Journal (June 2019), and have been featured as finalists in the Adelaide Literary Award Anthology (2019 and 2020), Adelaide Literary Magazine (November 2019 and 2020, and July 2021) and in the Space Coast Writers’ Guild anthologies of 2019, 2020 and 2021.

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Anne Bonner

Anne Bonner, a fifth-generation Floridian, has been described as the Guild’s Godmother of poetry. Anne is the author of five Y/A books and five novels set in the wilds of early Florida. However, her first love is poetry. Her poems have appeared in literary anthologies and her latest book, ENJOY! Is a collection of old and new poems. Visit her website at www.annebonner.com.

Anne-Marie Derouault

Anne-Marie Derouault was born in Paris, France and has lived in Florida for many years. She writes free verse poetry in French and in English, haikus and short stories, inspired by her love of travel, nature, and human beings. She is the author of the bilingual poetry collection While the Poem Lasts / Le temps d’un poème. Her writings have appeared in several Brevard Scribblers anthologies Written in the Sun, the Space Coast Writers Guild anthology Survival, and Scott Tilley’s Pandemic. She teaches communication and stress reduction. You can contact her at annemarie@mailhouse.orgVisit her website at www.emergenceresources.com.

Richard Marschall

Richard has a Bachelors of Science degree from Towson University, with post graduate work at WIU. Richard is one of the prime movers behind SCWG Poetry.

Richard’s short stories and poetry have been published in numerous anthologies, including the Space Coast Writer’s Guild in Florida, Scribblers of Brevard Anthologies, Poetry Soup, and Eber & Wein. Richard served as Literary Editor of the Scribblers in 2018 and 2019, and as their president during the first part of 2020. Richard has published First Call – Poetry for the Ages, Quarrytown, Justice Unbound – Gehenna, Blessed – The Story of Joyce V. Marschall, and The Magic of Christmas Anthology. Visit Richard’s new and revised website, floridapen.com.


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