the dark side of town

D. Scott Dickinson

     Lake County, Florida, circa 1950. A land of vast lakes, haunting canals and timeless natural beauty. Citrona, a small town nestled among the County’s citrus groves. A boyhood Eden of endless wonder and adventure. The center of a nine-year-old’s bright new world. Until he is drawn into its shadows. Secrets hiding behind a bedroom door. Hatred spilling into the streets. A sadistic sheriff. And a burning cross. Revealing The Dark Side of Town. 


the long game

Nicholas Taylor

     Russian Intelligence Officers engaged in a training exercise decide to take advantage of a wealthy American businessman for their monetary gain. They bait him with a beautiful woman who eventually becomes his wife. Little did they know, the American had political aspiration and they now have one of their spies deeply embedded in the middle of American politics. Pillow talk anyone? 

     Turmoil ensues when a terrorist attack occurs that turns the political landscape between Russia and the United States into total chaos. The result is a story of outrageous fortune, political intrigue and a shift of world power never before contemplated. Who will win when the Russians play The Long Game?

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     Nicholas Taylor is a graduate of the University of Missouri and The George Washington University. He has worked in Aerospace, Military Contracting, and Academia. He has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East for work and pleasure. He is currently retired and lives with his wife beachside in Florida.

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the artisan

Gene Luke

A powerful and true story comes from the testimony of 12 Serbian POWs. In the turbulence of World War II Germany, hunger for life turns a young POW into a traitor to his countrymen, but love and sacrifice makes him a hero in this elegant tale of defiance by two people in love in the time of horror.

"Everything chimerical that I have heard from a distance has become real, tangible, and so close. - And yet, still so distant. Imponderable. Immaterial. That is music. The heartbeat that nurtures us in our mothers’ wombs. The sounds of birth and death."

The Artisan presents itself as a fictional memoir written in the early 1990s by Timo Tomi to his American son, who has just joined Doctors Without Borders to assist during the conflict in Yugoslavia. Timo, a finish carpenter drafted into the Royal Yugoslav Army in May 1940, is taken prisoner when Yugoslavia collapses. Transported to Germany, he longs to return to his family farm, where his partially disabled father, mother, wife, and new daughter must struggle to manage without him. Only by accepting work - helping to build Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, painting a bread factory, and loading cannon shells onto train cars in a munitions factory - can he hope to get enough food to survive.

While rebuilding the village church’s bell tower, Timo falls in love with the voice of the young teacher, Hanna Gottfried, a former opera star married to an SS colonel serving on the Eastern Front. Surrounded by violence, atrocities, and war crimes, mutual feelings of respect and admiration begin to flourish between the two young people.

©2017 Gene Vlahovic (P)2019 Gene Vlahovic 

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Author Gene Luke 

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Scott Tilley

     Scott Tilley has released his 25th book, Systems Analysis and Design, published by Cengage. This is the 12th edition of the best-selling textbook in the field for college and university students. It's part of the successful Shelly Cashman series.

     Discover a practical, streamlined approach to information systems development that focuses on the latest developments with Tilley's SYSTEMS ANALYSIS AND DESIGN, 12E and MindTap digital resources. Real examples clearly demonstrate both traditional and emerging approaches to systems analysis and design, including object-oriented and agile methods. You also study cloud computing and mobile applications as this edition presents an easy-to-follow approach to systems analysis and design. Meaningful projects, insightful assignments and both online and printed exercises emphasize the critical thinking and IT skills that are most important in today's dynamic, business-related environment. New MindTap ConceptClip videos and a new online continuing case further demonstrate concepts for success in today's competitive and rapidly changing business world.

     At 576 pages, the book was quite a challenge to complete, but it's now available from all the usual sources (including in time for the Fall 2019 semester.


Don't forget that our next anthology, PETS, is now accepting chapter submissions. It's a collection of tales (tails?) about our furry friends and another great writing opportunity for the summer! DEADLINE IS AUGUST 23, 2019!

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the devil of st. gabriel

Joanne Fisher: NOW RELEASED!

The beautiful, seductive and ruthless Lucy has a rap sheet as long as her golden blonde hair. She will do anything to stay out of jail and, although her intentions are good, the devil inside her takes over and has her undertaking continuous acts of evil. On the other side of the spectrum, Nicholas, being a man of God, is naive and hopes to lead the sultry Lucy to the light of his God. But the devil of St. Gabriel has other plans. This thrilling suspense novel is merciless, twisted, but absolutely gripping with a riveting ending that will bowl you over!

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Emmanuel Akalue

Joanne wishes to thank Emmanuel Akalue for his valuable assistance in writing and producing this book. Fr. Akalue is Joanne's pastor, and he provided very valuable input and insight into this book. If not for Rev. Akalue, she would  not have been able to undertake this project.

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Paradox Moon

D. Scott Dickinson

  As they approach the walled city, no challenge issues from its battlements, no living creature shows itself. There is neither movement nor sound of any kind. It is as still and empty as death.

  Nearing the city’s main gate, the man beholds a series of rune-like symbols etched into the grey stones overhead, spanning the open entrance. While he watches, the symbols slowly shift shape into the letters of a word he knows well…R E V E L A T I O N.

  “What sorcery is this?” he wonders. “And what does its message mean? A welcome? A warning?” He will soon find out!

  New from prize-winning writer D. Scott Dickinson. A stunning visual journey. Back through time. Across a distant world where nothing is what it seems. Paradox Moon is a cautionary tale of one planet's retribution against the civilization that nearly destroyed it. Of a world that turned inward to preserve itself and the wellspring of life it harbored And of survival, rebirth and renewal.  


making technology work for you

Scott Tilley

  Scott Tilley, who has been instrumental in publishing SCWG anthologies, as well as his own books, is pleased to announce the release of my 24th book, Making Technology Work for You, published by CTS Press. This pocket guide to following three paths to successfully using technology in your life or your business is now available as a Kindle eBook from for just $2.99. Scott writes:

  Technology is the ultimate double-edged sword. On the one hand, it enables businesses to do more with less. On the other hand, it can make business workflows more complicated and more susceptible to hacks and other forms of intrusion. Making technology work for you involves a careful balancing act of maximizing labor-saving automation and minimizing unexpected consequences related to computerization.

  This book outlines how to effectively make technology work for you by following three simple paths to success: (1) knowing when to use technology; (2) understanding how the technology works; and (3) evaluating the technology’s return on investment (ROI). By following these three paths, your chances of successfully using technology to your advantage, in your personal life or in your business, are greatly improved.

PETS Anthology


PS: Don't forget that our next anthology, PETS, is now accepting chapter submissions. It's a collection of tales (tails?) about our furry friends and another great writing opportunity for the summer!

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