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Yeshuaism: A Novel

Peter Messmore

Fifteen priceless papyrus scrolls and vellum codices, known as the NH-II find, are discovered near Egypt’s Nile River. Twenty biblical scholars and scientists gather on a private Mediterranean Island to study and authenticate them. Early analysis suggests that they are early, first century documents. Some scholars and scientists maintain that they were written by scribes or followers of Jesus who lived when he did and may have known him―they may have even heard him teach.

The owner of the documents wonders if the analyses will redefine Christianity, rename it after its true founder. With simultaneous hope and dread they prepare for world-wide publication of the NH-II documents. The billionaire owner and many of the scholars studying them propose that a new religion, Yeshuaism, be established, renamed after Jesus’ authentic Aramaic name and history.

Other deadly forces oppose even the thought of such action. Some of the world’s established Christian religions work to destroy the documents and the scholars working on them. (5/31)

Visit Peter’s website.

The Hawthorn House

James R. Nelson

James R. Nelson’s 13th mystery novel, The Hawthorn House, has recently been published in paperback, eBook, and audio formats.

In this latest book, Sarah Morrison decides to travel to Michigan’s sparsely populated Upper Peninsula to see if she can find her long lost college friend, Eleanor Kincaid. Sarah’s not prepared for her less than friendly reception when she encounters Eleanor’s family living in the dark, imposing Hawthorn House.

When rumors about the Hawthorn House start to surface, It soon becomes apparent Sarah has taken on a task that is more than she bargained for…and downright dangerous, too!

Tom Trombley surprises his wife when he shows her his new purchase–a small cottage deep in the woods. She doesn’t share his joy and questions his motivation. Will this be a safe environment for their young daughter? Then she sees the roof of the Hawthorn House looming in the distance.

And what about the old man who roams the forest at night? He knows there are unanswered questions that need to be put to rest.

In James R. Nelson’s 13th mystery, The Hawthorn House, multiple plot lines are once again tightly woven together to create a spine-tingling story that will be impossible to put down.

Are You Sure I Said I Thought This Was a Good Idea?

Rose Padrick

This book is about the mostly hilarious, often scary, once-in-a-while dangerous, adventures and shenanigans of a couple of Florida flatlanders dealing with simultaneous midlife crises, menopause and visiting grand-toddlers. Did I mention we lived on a mountain with real cliffs?

Sometimes Ya just gotta follow your dream…Many times I truly wondered if we had lost our mutual minds, but when our last kid left home and took the dog, we sold all we could, packed a truck with the rest, and headed for the mountains.

Share our moments of danger, more moments of abject fear, but many moments of laughter and wonder at the glory called The Great Smoky Mountains! All the above, and more, comprise our adventures on Misty Mountain, North Carolina!

The Melbourne Connection—Audiobook

Joanne Fisher

Joanne has just released her first audiobook, The Melbourne Connection! This riveting novel narrated by Geoffrey Boyes, a true Australian voice-over announcer who now lives in Roanoke, Virginia. Geoffrey gives an exceptionally accurate and compelling rendition.

Listen to a sample and order the audiobook.

Visit Geoffrey’s website.

The Adventures of Percy the Siberian Cat – Percy Conquers New York City

Terri Friedlander

Percy Conquers New York City features the love story between a child and her first pet as they set off on an adventure to the Big Apple. For Heidi’s tenth birthday, Mom promises them tickets to a live Broadway musical.

The Adventures of Percy The Siberian Cat – Percy Conquers New York City is the latest addition to this unique and educational series. This captivating story is purrfect for early readers ages 5 to 9. Percy Conquers New York City will engage children and parents as it combines fun New York City facts with history and playful dialogue.

The Truth is Always Negotiable

Ernie Dorling

The first woman elected president of the U.S. must find a way to stop a Russian killer from exposing her dark secret which will put both the safety of her lover and her presidency in jeopardy days before her inauguration. Connecticut State Police detective, Sandi DeCarlo is tasked with investigating the murder of a Russian organized crime figure as well as a death at the governor’s mansion just days before the inauguration. The story unravels at a fast pace and is set with a backdrop that includes spirited dialogue surrounding both sides of the many political and social challenges making headlines today.

An Englishman in the Seminole War

Randal Agostini

An Englishman in the Seminole War is a contemporary version of sixty letters that my great-great grandfather wrote to his wayward son Weightman, thirty years after he ran away from his home in England to the USA. John Bemrose documented the insightful five years he spent in the American Aarmy, serving in Florida at St. Augustine and the battleground counties of the Second Seminole War.

The Friar Cave Mysteries

Sylvia Bigit

Milena and Rosana thought they lived on the most boring island in Croatia, where according to them, “nothing exciting ever happened.” They longed for action and adventure. Then one day, while exploring Friar’s cave, they found it… a dead body that sparked an adventure beyond their imaginations. Who was this man? Why was he murdered? And what was he doing in this remote island cave?

Untrusting of the island police and determined to find the answers themselves, the girls embark on a journey to unravel the mystery, but they are taken hostage by brazen bank robbers and brought to near death. After a daring escape, and unsure why these criminals have such an intense interest in the secluded cave, the girls keep digging. Before they know it, their lives are spinning out of control… and that’s when they make the mother-lode discovery of all time. But this discovery comes with a high price, including four murders, two gun fights, crooked cops, cocaine, vengeful drug lords, and the loss of a trusted friend.

Can the girls put the pieces together in time to solve the mystery and save themselves? What do they discover in the cave? The Friar Cave Mysteries will take you on a whirlwind adventure on a paradise island off the Dalmatian coast of Croatia where things aren’t always what they seem.

The Melbourne Connection

Joanne Fisher

Ten-year-old Nora Benito watches in horror, as her mother is torn away from her in a life-changing few moments. The trauma she suffers shouldn’t happen to anyone, never mind her being such a tender age. The pain she endured will last a lifetime, evidenced by the slap in the face she receives when, as an adult, she hears an unmistakable voice from her past.

Giacomo Rinaldi is a controlling, conniving Aussie, who links two Melbournes in opposite corners of the world, with three homicides. Years later, with a new identity as Jack Reynolds, he’s on wife number two. In her newlywed rapture, she has no idea about just who her doting husband is, and what a sordid background he has.

Sid Daniels is a retired detective from Mississippi. However, he just can’t manage to keep his fingers out of the pie. Cold cases just seem to fall into his lap. Returning from The Devil of St. Gabriel, Sid gets thrust right into the middle of a case. Only thing is, this one has personal ramifications.

Follow Jack and Sid in a game of cat-and-mouse across two continents and two hemispheres. Will Sid manage to bring Jack to justice? Will Nora ever get closure? There’s only one way to find out!

Muscle Bound: A Psionic Corps Mystery

Alan Scott

A triple homicide in a suburb of Salt Lake City seems to be an open-and-shut case, but the suspect is a close friend of Utah Psionic Officer Joshua Chambers. Although it appears obvious that personal trainer Pryce Nolton murdered three people in a fit of ‘roid rage, Josh realizes not all is as it seems.

Using his paranormal abilities, Josh finds discrepancies in the case against Pryce, but are they enough to exonerate his friend and keep him from the death penalty?

Escape from Tyranny: Through a Child’s Eyes

Sylvia Bigit

It was the 1950s, and life in communist Yugoslavia was difficult under the iron fist of Josip Broz Tito. Hordes of people tried to escape the regime’s tyranny for a better life in America, but many failed and paid the consequences … some with their life.

Escape From Tyranny tells the story of one family’s attempts to flee communism, and how they finally came to the United States, legally, with the assistance of sponsorships. The story is from the perspective of Slavica, a six-year-old girl. Filled with vivid descriptions of the life and culture on the Dalmatian Island of Pasman off the Croatian coast of the former Yugoslavia, Escape From Tyranny gives a bittersweet glimpse into the past and ultimately highlights the transformation one country can make.

Raptor Bloom

Thomas Belisle

Raptor Bloom is an action-thriller that pits two men from very diverse cultures in a deadly conflict. Fate and circumstances bring them together amidst an environment of treachery, stolen technology, and sabotage, leading to a violent clash of ideology and intellect with global consequences.

Thomas Belisle leverages his extensive career in the military and aircraft industry to build stories of suspense, action, and intrigue. He has hands-on experience with a wide range of aircraft, weapons and explosives, and feet-on-the-ground time in the Middle East, Europe, the Far East, and Asia. His first novel, Raptor Bloom, was published in April 2020. His second novel, Taking the Dream Spinner, will be ready for release in June 2021. He lives with his wife Cathy in Florida.

E-Publication Articles

Joanne & Dan Fisher

Your president and your humble webmaster/director-at-large both have newly-published e-articles to report.

Joanne has published an op-ed article, God Bless America and Viva l’Italia, in the latest edition of Primo online Magazine. Congratulations, Joanne! READ the story.

Dan is a licensed amateur radio operator and also is the Public Information Coordinator (PIC) for the Southern Florida Section of the ARRL, the national organization for amateur radio. Recently, he wrote an article for the ARRL, titled ‘Space Coast ARES Group Keeps Pace with County Needs’. This article documents the evolution of Amateur Radio Emergency Services on the Space Coast of Florida. Many folks do not realize that amateur radio (also known as “ham radio” operators step in during emergencies to provide backup two-way communications, oftentimes using their own radios and antennas.

Too Late To Pray

T.W. Lofgren

Ancient prophets spoke of the End Times, and so it came to pass. The Forever Wars over, disease and famine took their toll, and human civilization collapsed. But through it all, Pastor Thomas Speaker struggled to keep hope alive by counseling his listeners and providing spiritual guidance and practical knowledge for survival.

Evil, too, remained ever-present, ever-threatening, ravaging the vestiges of a broken society and feeding on those left behind

One survivor, Thomas Henry Edward Cat, had a special gift, one he believed would connect all creatures everywhere. To do so, he must journey across Mid-America and pass this gift on to the Pastor. He would need a little help from his friends.

T.W. Lofgren’s career began as a photographer, passing through a period in construction trades and as a claims adjuster for a major company. His creative writing developed from a challenge set down by his daughter–to explore a talent first discovered in a college creative writing course. His writing style blends satire, reality, and fantasy to make a poignant commentary on today’s critical issues.

Last Exit To Fate

K. Turk Osman

Drew Phillips is a broken man, and after a failed marriage to another woman, he realizes that Emmy Lee was his only chance at real happiness. As a result, he vows to find her again 24 years later. However, finding her again is not exactly what he or anyone else would have expected.

Last Exit to Fate is a grand adventure set in the late eighties and into the recent past, and includes stops in some of the most gorgeous places in Western Europe along the way. Most of all, it is a story of hope. In this hope may lie the means to recapture the most precious thing in the universe. This, of course, is true love.

Turk Osman (Ken Osman) did his undergraduate studies at Wabash College, obtained a Master’s Degree at Drake University, and finished his coursework towards a Ph. D. at Florida Atlantic University. Turk is married to the lovely Robin and has one daughter, Maddy, who is the oldest soul he knows. His writing influences include Tom Robbins, Michael Crichton, and Richard Bach. He recently completed his second book, Jigsaw Reality, which is currently being edited. (04/28/21)

Cortland Plance on Apple Tree Lane

Betty Whitaker Jackson

Betty has just released her twenty-sixth book, Cortland Place on Apple Tree Lane. This is the third in her Apple Tree Lane series, set in upstate New York. It recounts the  continuing story of Beth and Jim Walters on property once inhabited by Mohicans, early Dutch settlers, an Icehouse harvesting business, and now a living museum community venue. Cortland Place on Apple Tree Lane brings the family to the threat of COVID and its effects on their thriving business.

This is another book using the NaNoWriMo opportunity to write a book in a month, although the revision and editing continued through April. It is available on her Amazon author’s page, Betty Whitaker Jackson, and soon will be included on her website at (3/26)

Fatal Assumptions

James R. Nelson

The action starts ten minutes after the conclusion to A Crimson Sky for Dying, when young private detective Archie Archibald gets his second case. Beautiful Lauren McAllister, from the famous McAllister spice dynasty, has suspicions her husband is fooling around…again. She hires Archie to corroborate her assumptions. A sudden, untimely death plunges Archie into the dark underbelly of the wealthy McAllister family, where things are not what they appear to be.

The story heats up when the shady Mrs. Culpepper rents a storefront several doors down from Archie’s office, and her hot-tempered son, Slim, starts paying unwanted attention to Archie’s new office manager. What exactly are the Culpeppers up to?

Throw in fast Cigarette boats, dangerous artifacts from the Amazon, and a steroid-crazed bodybuilder, and Archie and his friend Luther find themselves once again in the middle of another perilous mystery.

James R. Nelson has published twelve mystery novels and a collection of short stories. Several of his stories can be found in anthologies published by the Space Coast Writers Guild. He is currently the treasurer of the Space Coast Writers’ Guild, a founding board member of The Brevard Author Society, and is on the board of the Melbourne Beach Friends of the Library. He has a Master’s of Education degree. He belongs to several author critique groups and has frequently appeared as a guest speaker on various author panels and book signing events in Brevard County, Michigan, and Wisconsin. (3/19)

Murder of Cowboy Gene

Jay Heavner

Award-winning author, Jay Heavner, has written his ninth book, Murder of Cowboy Gene, the fifth in the Florida Murder Mystery series. His protagonist’s abilities at crime-solving have caught the eye of various law enforcement officials, including the Governor Steel, who offers Roger Pyles the chance to catch a slick serial bank robber known as Cowboy Gene, who has eluded capture for years. Will he be able to survive and solve his latest challenge? Readers say it’s his best book yet.

All of the author’s books from Canaveral Publications can be purchased at Amazon in eBook or paperback and at select local book stores. Mr. Heavner’s Braddock’s Gold series, centered in the Cumberland, Maryland area, also has four books in it. Autographed copies can be obtained from the author.

Mr. Heavner is recently retired and spends his time between homes in West Virginia and central Florida. He says that as long as he has breath and people keep asking for another book, he’ll keep writing and not disappoint them. His website is He can be reached by email at or found on Facebook at

Don’t delay. Get your copy today and enjoy.

Her Name Was Bess

Betty Whitaker Jackson

Bess Whitaker Ferris, my mom, was a woman of remarkable talents who overcame her meager circumstances in a dusty town in Texas. Raised by a grandmother who had great positive influence on her life, she became a true Proverbs 31 woman beloved by her large family, her many friends, and those she reached in numerous volunteer capacities. I want everyone to know her name!

This book includes several of her unpublished manuscripts. revealing the genesis of her “I Can Do It” attitude. This joins my other books: fiction, poetry, devotional guides, children’s books, nonfiction, and work in twelve juried anthologies. I won the Reader’s Digest LifeRich Memoir Writing Contest with my book, Rocking Chair Porch: Summers with Grandma. I also wrote my second NaNoWriMo book in November, a sequel to my Apple Tree Lane books. I am currently proofreading and revising it.

My work is available on my website and on my author page Betty Whitaker Jackson on All my books are available in e-book and paperback formats. Thanks to SCWG for encouragement and my wonderful writing partners, Peg Insula and Gail Golden! 12/23

Shoshone Desire

Carol Ann Didier

While preparing for her upcoming wedding, Shoshone maiden Pine Cone is kidnapped by a band of Crow warriors in a surprise raid on Chief Washakie’s village. Her two handmaidens are taken as well.

Deer Runner, Pine Cone’s intended is devastated at the news and plans to track the Crow back to their village after he helps restore order to his own burned-out village.

This raid, that he did not order, displeases Chief Plenty Coup of the Crow people. He does not want to destroy the tentative peace he has with Chief Washakie, so he tries to bargain by holding the three girls for ransom.

However, one of the Crow warriors, Wolf Killer, doesn’t want to give up his captive and claims the right of the victor to keep Pine Cone for himself.

Who will win in this battle for love and honor and keep two tribes from going to war?

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