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2018 Short Story Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone for your entries into the 2018 SCWG Short Story Contest. Here for your enjoyment are the contest winners:

  • 1st Place: The Toboggan - Stephanie Passero
  • 2nd Place: Frozen Courage - Steven Charles
  • 3rd Place (tie): Final Respects - Peggy Insula
  • 3rd Place (tie): The Christmas Surprise - Susan Kneeland
  • Honorable Mention: More Than She Expected - Valerie Buchanan
  • Honorable Mention: Finger Paint - Linda Zern
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We hope you enjoy
these books by some
of our members:

Angel's True Love, A Saga of Love and Seduction
Bonner, Anne

Systems Analysis and Design
Tilley, Scott

50 Signs of Writing Success: How to Know You've (Really) Made It
Tilley, Scott

Battlefield Matrix
Osterman, J.P.


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