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M. J. Fifield discusses Storyboarding

M. J. Fifield discusses "W" Plot Structure

Dr. Mary Custureri, President of Taylor
and Seale Publishing in Daytona, Florida

Ed Von Koenigseck presents:
"Scared to Death - Speaking in Public"

Robbie Konczynski, Editor of The Bulletin

Past Presidents

Lifetime Members

Betty Jackson at the SCWG table

Scott Tilley at the Authors for Authors Book Fair

Hank Rhodes and Joyce Osterman
at the Cultural Arts Showcase

Ken and Maria at the Cultural Arts Showcase

Kathryn Flanagan and Hank Rhodes, Founders Day

Ashley McGrath presents the 2017 Don Argo Award
to winner Dianna Dann for her novel Bury Me

Viera High School
National English Honor Society

Viera High School
National English Honor Society plaque

SCWG Board of Directors
Left to right: Robbie Konczynski,
Maria Capella-Miller, Scott Tilley,
Cindy Foley, Ashley McGrath,
Joyce Osterman

Immediate Past President, Scott Tilley

Linda Zern speaks on
"How to Get More Reviews"

President Cindy Foley
with speaker Linda Zern

Sometimes it's about editing

Carla Norton speaks at the June meeting
on "Hooks and Cliff Hangers"

Ready for the June meeting with Carla Norton

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We hope you enjoy
these books by some
of our members:

Journals of Myrth, Book 3: How to Stop a Witch
Allen, Bill

Rocking Chair Porch: Summers with Grandma
Jackson, Betty

Systems Analysis and Design
Tilley, Scott

It Happened in Florida
Wright, E. Lynne

Fool's Wisdom
Heavner, Jay

The Brain Dead Manager
Rhodes, Hank

Cooking with Kandi
Siegel, Kandi M.

Myths and Mysteries of Florida
Wright, E. Lynne

Corporate Revenge
Osterman, J.P.

UnabASHed by Disability
McGrath, Ashley

Just Murder
Insula, Peggy

You're No Body 'til Somebody Kills You
Insula, Peggy

The Maze at Four Chimneys
Nelson, James

Bless You Bouquets: A Memoir
Jackson, Betty

With All of Me
Fisher, Joanne

Astrocity Sagan
Osterman, J.P.

The Dream Keepers and Other Short Stories
Buckingham, Bruce

The Deadly Ocean
Kicha, Lou

Chasing Her Destiny
Friedlander, Terri

Swimming with Sharks and Dolphins
Miller, Ken

Wedding of My Dreams
Henderson, Joyce

More Than Petticoats: Remarkable Florida Women
Wright, E. Lynne

And God Chose Joseph: A Christmas Story
Jackson, Betty

Finding the Good in Grief: Rediscover Joy After A Life-Changing Loss
Baggett, John

Rocky Water
Rau, Edward

Pursuits of April Lane
Parrish, Cliff

Sammy the Helper
Siegel, Kandi M.

Death at Windover
Heavner, Jay

The Rings of Allah
Boyland, Lee

Navajo Sunset
Didier, Carol

My Summer Triumph
Siegel, Kandi M.

Letters to Uncle Jeb
Insula, Peggy

The Last Snowman in Paris
Buckingham, Bruce

The Dorm
Friedlander, Terri

Pearls: An Anthology
Insula, Peggy

Revolution 2016
Boyland, Lee

Unsafe Harbor
Nelson, James

Secrets at Pine Haven - Civil War Comes to Florida
Bonner, Anne

Starting a Successful Writing Business
Henderson, Joyce

Florida: Mapping the Sunshine State Through History (with Vincent Virga)
Wright, E. Lynne

The Red Suitcase
Burrows, Susan

Trivia, Tea and Me
Didier, Carol

The Butterfly Conspiracy
Nelson, James

50 Signs of Writing Success: How to Know You've (Really) Made It
Tilley, Scott

Hacktivists Anonymous
Tilley, Scott

Beyond Pine Haven
Bonner, Anne

The Edge of Normal
Norton, Carla

Before You Call Mom
Henderson, Joyce

Seeing Through the Eyes of Jesus
Baggett, John

Sudsy: Infestation? Intervention? Invasion
Insula, Peggy

Apache Warrior
Didier, Carol

Speaking Ill of the Dead: Jerks in Florida History
Wright, E. Lynne


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