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Tim Jacobs, Jacobs Writing Consutants, LLC

Scott Tilley, editor of SCWG Dreams

Eva Marie Everson, Dec. 2018

Ed Rau at University Park Elemementary, Jan. 2019

Dad helps young participant of SCWG An Autumn Tale.
Cultural Arts Showcase, 9/23/18

Andy Alix, Microsoft Word workshop, 9/18/18

Founders' Day, 2017

SCWG historical plaque

Rachel Hauck, NYT Best Selling Author, July 2018

M. J. Fifield discusses Storyboarding

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We hope you enjoy
these books by some
of our members:

Times of Tragedy and Moments of Grace
Baggett, John

Punishment and Good Deeds
McDonald, Andrew

Secrets at Pine Haven - Civil War Comes to Florida
Bonner, Anne

The End: Closing Lines of Over 3,000 Theatrically-Released American Films
Chesher, R. Donna

The Rings of Allah
Boyland, Lee

It Happened in Florida
Wright, E. Lynne

Revolution 2016
Boyland, Lee

Trivia, Tea and Me
Didier, Carol

The Peacock Prophecy
Nelson, James

Hunter's Moon
Heavner, Jay

Rocky Water
Rau, Edward

Death at Windover
Heavner, Jay

Battlefield Matrix
Osterman, J.P.

Stronger Than Blood
Vasquez, Andy

Orson Buggy's Lessons for Losers
Allen, Bill

Pursuits of April Lane
Parrish, Cliff

Florida Disasters: True Stories of Tragedy and Survival
Wright, E. Lynne

The Age For Revenge
Parrish, Cliff

Seeing Through the Eyes of Jesus
Baggett, John

Our Lives Became Unmanageable
Craven, Jackie

The Truth Lies... A Florida Saga
Foley, Cindy


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