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Tim Jacobs, Jacobs Writing Consutants, LLC

Scott Tilley, editor of SCWG Dreams

Eva Marie Everson, Dec. 2018

Ed Rau at University Park Elemementary, Jan. 2019

Dad helps young participant of SCWG An Autumn Tale.
Cultural Arts Showcase, 9/23/18

Andy Alix, Microsoft Word workshop, 9/18/18

Founders' Day, 2017

SCWG historical plaque

Rachel Hauck, NYT Best Selling Author, July 2018

M. J. Fifield discusses Storyboarding

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We hope you enjoy
these books by some
of our members:

Kissing Camels: Dromedarious And Camela
Davis, Gene H.

The Maze at Four Chimneys
Nelson, James

Shoshoe Sunrise
Didier, Carol

The Truth Lies... A Florida Saga
Foley, Cindy

Beyond the Fine Line
Flanagan, Kathryn C.

Chase A Dream Today
Foley, Cindy

Astrocity Sagan
Osterman, J.P.

SAD Why Corporate America Wants You...FAT
Kovach, Danielle Rose

The Brain Dead Manager
Rhodes, Hank

Journals of Myrth, Book 2: How to Save a Kingdom
Allen, Bill

It's a God Thing!
Jackson, Betty

Braddock's Gold
Heavner, Jay

Seaside Serendipity
Jackson, Betty

Unsafe Harbor
Nelson, James

Disturbed Ground
Norton, Carla

America Reborn
Boyland, Lee

Orson Buggy's Separation Anxiety
Allen, Bill

God Designed: 366 Days of Inspiration
Osterman, J.P.

Navajo Sunset
Didier, Carol

Hanging by a Thread
Allen, Bill

Death at Windover
Heavner, Jay

Rocking Chair Porch: Summers with Grandma
Jackson, Betty


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