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Welcome to the Space Coast Writers' Guild, dedicated to encouraging, instructing and developing writers of all genres. We're all about writers and writing, transforming wishes into reality, ideas into words. We offer a variety of programs and speakers at our monthly meetings, along with an opportunity to meet others who are dealing with deadlines, characters who won't cooperate, rejections, re-writes, contract dilemmas, unresponsive editors, and agent searches. Whether you have published for years and in several different languages, or are pre-published and hoping, the Guild has something for you. If this is your first visit, please take a moment to explore all we have to offer from the menus above.

Upcoming Events

The Main Meetings of the Guild are held the third Saturday of each month at 1 pm. at the Garrett's Run Condo Association Clubhouse, 7900 Greenboro Drive in West Melbourne (directions). Meetings begin with a brief business meeting with announcements, welcome of new members, introduction of the Board members and treasurer's report, followed by a presentation of some aspect of writing by our monthly speaker. Following the speaker, there is a time for socializing and book signings.

And the Winner is . . .

Congratulations to Cindy Foley for winning this year's Don Argo Award for her work, The Truth Lies...a Florida Saga.

1861 Manatee, Florida. Cecil Fairburn's Arabian stallion attacks the blacksmith's son and entangles the Fairburns and Turners in bitter conflict for generations. Wealthy, educated and politically influential politicians, the Fairburns, who bred and raised horses in Philadelphia, also amass a cattle ranching fortune in the South. Handing down a legacy of revenge, the southern raised Turners, ruthless, poker playing, card sharks, want what the Fairburns have. Ginny, a Fairburn descendant, tormented by gut-wrenching dread, believes the Turners are still responsible decades later for her family's ongoing misfortunes. Abandoned by her husband and desired by Eddie Turner, Ginny's mother struggles to save her daughter from spiraling into the dark pit of insanity. As Lizzy sorts through the confounding medical arena of mental health ineptitude, she has to face some demons of her own. With relentless Cracker determination, she battles her family for a share of the Fairburn Ranch legacy while searching for answers to her daughter's life-threatening terrors. Surrounded by Florida's untamed flat-land hammocks and moldering swamps, whip cracking cow hunters will have you wondering, "What is real when The Truth Lies?"

In Cindy's own words, "Writing is an art. You and I live in every story. We are the heroes and the villains, struggling through life's difficult trials on our quest for redemption. Immersed in someone else's story, we can examine our own fragile emotions while safely traveling the treacherous path toward accepting our own erring human ways with grace. Cindy Foley lives in Merritt Island, Florida with her husband and Lily the amazing Houdini dog."

The Don Argo Award was first presented in 2010. It recognizes the best in Florida writing by SCWG members in memory of beloved educator, author of Canaveral Light, founding member of the Space Coast Writers’ Guild, and longtime Florida resident Don Argo.

*According to requirements of the American Disability Act (ADA), organizations using library meeting rooms may be required to provide special accommodations for those citizens requesting assistance within 48 hours of the scheduled meeting time. Organizations are required to provide hearing devices and/or make special arrangements at the citizen’s request.

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Journals of Myrth, Book 1: How to Slay a Dragon
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Secrets at Pine Haven - Civil War Comes to Florida
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The Last Snowman in Paris
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